Ready to Reuse
August 20, 2018
Hi Beauty Without Secrets readers,

If you have ever purchased from OY-L you know our products come in glass containers. In order to encourage our customers to live sustainably, here are some ideas on how you can reuse our glasses! Once you are finished your product rinse out your glass and pick any of the following!

  1. Use it as a drinking glass around the house. They’re a great size for kids.
  2. Use it as a toothbrush holder.
  3. Recipe kits. Fill up a glass with everything you need for your favorite recipe.
  4. Organizers. Fill up your glass with anything from hair ties to pens to keys.
  5. A little flower pot.
  6. Food! Store some seeds, peanuts, or separate individual ingredients by throwing them in an OY-L glass.
  7. A mini sewing kit in a jar.
  8. Mini paint jars for any touch ups around the house.
  9. Packing Lunch? Store your condiments or salad dressing in a glass jar.
  10. Well, they’re not a bad size for a shot or whiskey glass.
  11. A piggy bank! Save up for that next item on your wish-list.
  12. Make a terrarium. Your own garden in a little jar.
  13. Use it is a as a gift. Fill it up with some hot chocolate powder and marshmallows or a mini brownie recipe.
  14. Find some spices, herbs, oil, and make your own homemade blends.
  15. Homemade salt and pepper shakers. Get a nail and poke some little holes in the top.
  16. Save your jar for when your next OY-L order arrives and share some with a friend.
  17. Use it as an on the go container. Squirt some of your shampoo and conditioner into a jar for traveling.
  18. Coffee drinker? Set out your coffee grounds in a jar the night before. Wake up and pour the perfect amount of grounds into your coffee maker.
  19. Have a pet? Pack some extra food for them when going on a hike or day trip.
  20. Use it as a homemade candle holder. Be careful of the heat from the candle.

Did you know that by sending us your old containers we will give you a 10% off coupon? Mail your old containers to us, send us the tracking number or receipt, and we will email you a one-time 10% coupon.

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