What goes into Plant Based Skincare – clean up your routine
January 8, 2020

We hear so often from customers wanting to know what goes into Plant Based Skincare. They ask “How can I clean up my routine?”, wanting to uncover why using plant based clean skincare is increasing in popularity.

So just how did we work tirelessly to create a crave-worthy collection of natural face and body products? The answer starts where we began.

Chemist Advisor – Before launching OY-L, we spent one year working with a chemist to really understand how all sorts of ingredients supported or maybe didn’t support one other. We discovered that hemp seed butter and hemp seed oil were perfect together.

Texture – We are obsessed with how a product feels. The texture and product experience is super important to us. We experienced how finicky shea butter can be to melt, and a hard texture was not what we were after. Anyone who uses the whipped body butters or the top-selling face cream knows how much we love a soft texture.

Raw Ingredients – We wanted products that actually work, not just feel good on the skin. We rejected products that clogged our drains…and our skin. We discovered along the way how to work with raw ingredients, creating non-oily nutrient rich products like the crystal eye serum which work well when used layered together on the skin.

Chemical free commitment – Naturally, we did not want to use chemicals as preservatives, a tenant of our business we still commit to today. This means our products while natural and silky do not have the long shelf life, typical in nearly all beauty product brands. Think of plant natural based skin care as you would your food. You wouldn’t eat food left in your cupboard for 2 years; because OY-L products do not contain chemicals, they are best when used in the first 6 months of purchase date.

Try to Experience – Want to learn more? The best way to learn more about our product is to try it. Honestly, it really is. A great place to get started is the Bon Voyage Kit. This kit includes the best sellers in our face line: face wash, hydrating facial mist and face cream. OY-L face wash is made with Manuka honey, nature’s anti-bacterial. The hydrating facial mist is the perfect layer after cleansing to freshen and best receive the soothing face cream onto dewy skin.

Curious to dive deeper? Take our quiz to find out how our products can help you in cleaning up your beauty routine.