Abyssinian oil

The light nature of Abyssinian oil provides plant-derived moisture and protection from water, without clogging the skin’s pores. Enriched by an abundance of both linoleic and linolenic acids, Abyssinian oil conditions and helps skin cells regenerate while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.



Arrowroot powder calms the skin while balancing the oil and effectively fighting against acne through penetration of the skin. It encourages a stronger skin surface and works to reduce unnecessary oils while contributing to the healing of irritations. In fact, it was given its name because it was used to treat injuries from poisoned arrows. OY-L products use it to draw out toxins and keep the skin clean and healthy.


Blueberry & Cranberry seeds

These anti-aging superfoods are a natural source of vitamin E with high flavonoid content. Blueberry and cranberry seeds are used by OY-L Skin Care products to exfoliate while fighting free radicals and the stresses of time and environmental toxins.


Coffee Butter

Coffee butter is made with coffee essential oil and hydrogenated vegetable oil and contains powerful antioxidants to repair and soothe dry skin. It is highly moisturizing and it’s wonderful, uplifting aroma is known as an antidepressant.


Frankincense oil

A powerful astringent, frankincense essential oil empowers OY-L Skin Care products to protect skin cells, reduce acne and the appearances of large pores, and prevent wrinkles. It naturally tightens and lifts the skin, improving elasticity and tone. Its calming, earthy scent lessens anxiety and stress.


Jojoba oil

With its naturally waxy texture and similarity to the skin’s sebum, jojoba oil seals in moisture and creates a plant-derived barrier against the elements. The oil’s anti-microbial properties fight bacteria and breakouts while reducing pain and swelling.


Lavender essential oil

Many OY-L products contain lavender essential oil. Its refreshing scent is known to eliminate tension, relieve pain, enhance blood circulation, disinfect the skin and increase the potential for healing the skin. It is used to treat and speed up the healing process of skin disorders like acne, wrinkles and other inflammatory conditions.


Litsea cubea essential oil

Originating from China, this lemony, fresh essential oil will minimize acne flare-ups, minimize the appearance of pores, and help keep oily skin at bay. It’s uplifting aroma can reduce fatigue during the day and promote restful sleep in the evening.


Meadowfoam Seed oil

OY-L Skin Care products utilize meadowfoam seed oil’s ability to naturally help the skin form a barrier to lock in moisture and deliver nutrients deep into the skin. The vitamin E in the oil is also anti-aging, so it will leave the skin feeling soft, moisturized and young. Meadowfoam seed oil is also a renewable source grown in the US, and is very eco-friendly.

Pink Himalayan salt

This salt is mined from ancient sea beds and is unprocessed and toxin-free. Used as a key ingredient in OY-L bath salts, it soothes soreness while its mineral properties detoxify and relax cramped muscles. When used as a scrub, it removes dry, dead skin cells and impurities, leaving the skin with a more youthful appearance.


Radish Root Ferment filtrate

OY-L products are paraben-free. In its place we use radish root which acts as an all-natural preservative capable of extending the perishable life of our zero chemical skin care products.


Rose petals

Naturally antibacterial rose essential oil locks moisture into skin and helps reduce redness and irritation while relieving acne-prone skin. Combined with its exfoliation properties, rose petals are an ideal ingredient for OY-L face cleansers.


Sea Buckthorn oil

A natural cleanser and exfoliator, sea buckthorn oil is well known for its healing and rejuvenating effects on the skin. It hydrates, promotes elasticity and keeps skin looking and feeling young.


Sweet Almond oil

Almond oil is a mild, hypoallergenic oil that can be safely used even on baby skin. Almond oil is naturally endowed with highly potent antioxidant vitamins. Regular application of the oil can protect the skin from oxidative stress and UV radiation damage, keeping it soft and supple.


Vitamin E

This powerhouse vitamin is essential to healthy and glowing skin. Vitamin E nourishes, lightens scars and dark spots, is anti aging, treats dark circles, moisturizes, and treats chapped lips.

Aloe Vera juice

OY-L uses aloe vera juice for its amazing healing properties. It helps with sunburn, insect bites, rashes and cuts, and is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Aloe vera contains many vitamins and minerals which will also help with the regeneration of cells.


Avocado oil

We have developed a love affair with avocados and for good reason. When applied to the skin, this natural oil hastens the healing of wounds and burns, relieves rashes and has been known to naturally treat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. The oil deeply penetrates the skin to increase the production of collagen, keeping skin plump while decreasing the effects of aging.


Carrot oil

OY-L uses carrot oil for its natural anti-aging properties. Rich in antioxidants, this ingredient protects skin from UV rays, pollution and stress.


Colloidal oatmeal

An all-natural skin protectant prized by those with skin conditions, oatmeal colloids are known to soothe even the most severe inflammations and irritations.


Grapeseed oil

Extremely rich in beta-carotene and vitamins D, C and E, grapeseed oil also has a concentration of essential fatty acids like palmitic, stearic and linoleic acid. These fatty acids are a powerful and proven anti-wrinkle agent.


Hemp Seed butter

Hemp seed butter is a blend of hemp seed oil and hydrogenated vegetable oil that is exceptionally rich in fatty acids and never leaves the skin feeling greasy. This “perfect protein” contains all 20 amino acids including each of the 9 essential amino acids that our bodies cannot produce. Hemp seeds feature a high concentration of many skin-friendly vitamins, including the antioxidant vitamin E, which encourages healthy skin-tissue growth, and vitamin C. An essential building block of collagen, vitamin C lends the skin elasticity and an even tone, and it is also considered to be a skin brightener.



Naturally derived from soybeans, lecithin not only acts as an emollient, but as a powerful moisturizer that penetrates the skin and gets right to work. Lecithin contains choline and inositol, which are vital components of all cell membranes, and play an important role in cell growth and function.


Magnesium Sulfate

OY-L cherishes the wonders of Epsom salt. Well known for hundreds of years for beneficial properties that can detoxify the body and soothe the mind, magnesium sulfate is used to naturally relax the nervous system, soothe skin irritations and body pains, and even treat colds and congestion.


Mono’i oil

Mono’i oil is made from soaking the hand-picked petals of the Tahitian Gardenia flower in coconut oil. This luxury oil increases hydration, helps heal burns, and relieves dry and itchy skin.


Pomegranate Seed oil

Pomegranate seed oil stimulates keratinocytes, which are major cells found in the outer layer of the skin. This helps to reverse skin damage, revive skin and reveal a more youthful appearance..


Raw wildcrafted honey

Raw Honey is an amazing moisturizer and skin conditioner. It’s humectant properties attract and absorb moisture to keep skin hydrate. It also has antibacterial properties that act as an incredible acne treatment and pore clarifier.


Organic Rosehip Oil

Packed with essential fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin C and B-carotene, this oil is proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. OY-L products leverage anti-aging benefits derived from the oil’s ability to penetrate deeper layers of the skin, stimulating collagen production, moisturizing and improving skin texture and tone, as well as removing redness and irritation.


Shea Nut oil

Packed with vitamins, shea nut oil is a natural sunscreen that brings moisture to very dry skin. It’s derived from cold-pressing the nuts of the Karite tree. OY-L loves shea but oil as it is beneficial to all skin types but especially aging, extra dry, or extremely irritated skin.


Sweet Basil essential oil

Sweet Basil essential oil has a warm and herbal smell that has been known to relieve tension, fatigue, and depression. This essential oil can also enhance the luster of the skin and brighten dullness.


Willow Bark extract

An all-natural astringent, willow bark extract soothes and conditions while cleansing, softening, and loosening dry and scaly skin.

Apricot Kernel oil

This light oil, rich in amino acids and antioxidants, easily absorbs into skin and helps to moisturize and soften skin. Great for people with sensitive skin, the oil quickly penetrates and leaves moisture locked in the skin, leaving you feeling soft and supple without that greasy feel.



This hypoallergenic ingredient draws moisture to the skin and seals it in. It also provides a protective barrier for the skin, making it the perfect ingredient for OY-L’s Lip Balm.


Castor oil

Derived from the seeds of the castor plant, this vegetable oil does it all. Castor oil fights signs of aging, heals inflammation, and penetrates deeply into the skin tissues and nourishes and replenishes.


Evening Primrose oil

The restorative and healing power of evening primrose oil has proven to be a valuable treatment choice for people suffering from skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. Studies published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science have even shown that evening primrose oil can help with age-related structural and functional changes in skin tissues, such as redness, firmness, roughness and fatigue resistance.


Hemp Seed oil

Rich in high quality nutrients like omega 3-6 fatty acids, this natural oil has been shown to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that naturally protect against the aging process by increasing skin hydration and oxygenation while dramatically reduce dryness and itchiness of the skin. Hemp seed oil is non-comedogenic, so it will not clog pores.


Lavender buds

OY-L derives its lavender fragrance from the flower’s buds. Lavender’s scent has been proven to relieve anxiety and is a natural treatment for the stresses of modern life.


Lime essential oil

This essential oil is a multitasker, providing antiseptic, astringent, and restorative properties. The oil will fight infection and bacteria, minimize the appearance of pores, and restore health and strength to the skin.


Colloidal oatmeal

An all-natural skin protectant prized by those with skin conditions, oatmeal colloids are known to soothe even the most severe inflammations and irritations.


Manuka Honey 20+

This miraculous honey is produced by bees that pollinate the tea tree bushes in New Zealand. OY-L products use 20+ UMF which means the ingredient’s hydrogen peroxide, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties are medical-grade. Manuka honey has the ability to stimulate production of special cells that can repair damage caused by infection.


Pink Grapefruit essential oil

With an invigorating aroma, this vitamin c rich essential oil will stimulate your body and mind while helping keep your skin clean.


Prickly Pear oil

Prickly pear oil fortifies skin against the elements and helps protect skin against premature aging. The oil is anti-inflammatory and known to heal cuts and blemishes.


Rose Hydrosol

Rose Hydrosol is a beautifully fragrant water distilled from rose petals. This ingredient is used in the Hydrating Facial Mist to reduce redness and irritation. It’s properties benefit sensitive, irritated, dry, and oily skin.


Saponified Coconut oil

The fatty acids from coconut are natural antimicrobial agents and a remarkable cleanser.



OY-L utilizes squalane for its powerful anti-aging effects. Derived from olives, squalane has a number of positive effects on uneven skin pigmentation, scars and age spots. Much like retinol, this oil is believed to fight free radicals in the skin that are caused by the sun’s UV rays.


Tapioca starch

Tapioca starch is derived from the cassava plant. This natural powder is a healthier alternative for talc and helps hydrate and smooth the skin.


Witch Hazel (alcohol free)

Witch hazel can do it all! It treats acne and skin disorders, shrinks pores, promotes fast wound healing, soothes itching and refreshes and rejuvenates. Besides improving skin and providing anti-aging benefits, witch hazel also guards against environmental pollutants and toxins.