Just Roll With It
August 27, 2018
Hi Beauty Without Secrets readers,

Today, we’re talking about an ancient Chinese beauty secret. No, it’ not the Tremella Mushroom, this time we’re talking about Jade Rollers. OY-L uses Xiuyan Jade for our rollers in order to help you alleviate puffiness, promote cell turnover, increase elasticity, and skin tone. Jade Rollers also support lymphatic circulation and drainage.

OY-L Jade Roller

Jade Rollers have reportedly been used for thousands of years in some areas of the world. The Mayans and Egyptians may have been using the product as far back as 5000 years ago. Many reports say the Chinese have also been using jade since the 7th century.The Chinese reserved the tool for the elite. The secret to the stone is it is naturally cool and non-porous. Therefore, Jade does not retain bacteria. These characteristics are why Jade is referred to as the stone of eternal youth.

OY-L Face Cream and Jade Roller

The stone is naturally cold, but placing the Jade Roller in your refrigerator will aid in its anti-inflammatory benefits and help wake you up in the morning. Our dual-sided Jade Roller makes it the perfect tool for all areas of your face. The smaller side is perfect for the eye area and temples. The larger size is best for the cheeks, forehead, and neck.

Not sure where to use the jade roller? Check out the picture below.

Apply the Jade Roller in the direction of the arrows.

Apply Face Cream and then work your lymphatic system by rolling the jade across the face working in outward motions from the center of the face. Add the Jade Roller to your routine to get everything out of your facial routine.