Dry Skin Routine

About the DRY Skin Routine:

Dry skin with visible lines needs a high concentration of barrier-repair, lipid-rich natural oils and indulging botanical ingredients to soothe and strengthen the skin from the inside out. Therefore we chose bioactive Manuka 20+ honey, Aloe Vera, and Hemp seed oil to provide comforting anti-aging nourishment to promote smooth and calm skin with less visible lines and redness. The DRY Skin Routine provides all of these powerful nutrients. As a result? Gorgeous skin.

How to use the DRY Skin Routine:


First, Cleanse with Face Wash. Then, Tone with Hydrating Facial Mist. Next, Moisturize with Face Cream. Finally, Hydrate with Crystal Eye Serum.


First, 2-3 times a week, Exfoliate with Exfoliating Manuka Mask. After, Cleanse with Face Wash. Next, Tone with Hydrating Facial Mist. Then, Moisturize with Face Cream. Next, Hydrate with Crystal Eye Serum. Finally, Indulge with Body Butter.


Face Wash 2 oz

Hydrating Facial Mist 2 oz

Face Cream 2.5 oz

Crystal Eye Serum 0.35 oz

Exfoliating Manuka Mask 3.5 oz

Body Butter 3.2 oz

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